Play the video above to see these stories for AZ Illustrated Metro for Monday, June 13:

Common Core Education Standards Topping Governor Jan Brewer's reform agenda is immigration reform. And a key to that is Arizona's adoption of the Common Core Standards curriculum. Michael Chihak spoke with the governor's education policy adviser on the topic.

American Graduate In Arizona three-point–six percent of all high school students drop out… last year that was about 19-thousand students, according to the State Department of Education. In Pima County, the percentage of high school dropouts is higher, at almost five percent. Data shows Hispanic and Latino students of low-income families drop out of high school at a higher rate. The Sunnyside School District has a high poverty rate and in the last four years the number of graduates has almost doubled… Fernanda Echavarri visited the school district in Tucson’s south side.

School Safety Local police departments across the US are trying to come up with ways to secure schools from attack. But they are running into money problems. Christopher Conover looks at two different methods being used in Arizona