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Sheila’s Story Every week, Sheila Claw-Starr helps hundreds of people all over Tucson recover from mental health and substance abuse disorders. She does it with the traditional Native American prayers and customs she learned as a child. But her ability to heal others began with her own long journey to recovery. Gisela Telis brings us Sheila's story.

Native Addiction Native American communities suffer disproportionately from drug and alcohol abuse, violence and suicide. Addressing this problem has forced scientists to examine how trauma, history and poverty affect health--and how culture could restore it. Here to discuss this complex issue are: researcher Tommy K. Begay of the University of Arizona College of Medicine; Natividad Cano, a counselor in the Native Ways Program at The Haven treatment facility for women; and Patrisia Gonzales, UA assistant professor of Mexican American Studies and author of Red Medicine: Traditional Indigenous Rites of Birthing and Healing