LA Opera on Air broadcasts continue on Classical 90.5 at noon this Saturday, July 27, with a performance of The Stigmatized by Franz Schreker with a libretto by the composer. The performance will be sung in German and will run approximately four hours and fifteen minutes.

The Stigmatized (Die Gezeichneten), composed in 1918, is the best known work by Franz Schreker, one of the most important and successful opera composers of the early 20th century, who fell into obscurity after the rise of the Nazi regime. The Stigmatized is a rapturously evocative late-Romantic tragedy in which an unlikely love triangle plays out on a paradisical pleasure island amidst a group of decadent nobles who are marked by lust and depravity.

"Franz Schreker is perhaps the most striking example of a highly recognized composer whose music disappeared after it was banned in 1933," said conductor James Conlon. "He was so prominent that some viewed him as the successor to both Wagner and Strauss. The Stigmatized was given nearly two dozen productions in the years immediately following its premiere, an extraordinary indication of success by any measure."

This LA Opera presentation is the first staged production in the American hemisphere of any of Schreker’s operas.

Carlotta Nardi: Anja Kampe
Alviano Salvago: Robert Brubaker
Count Tamare: Martin Gantner
Duke Adorno: James Johnson
Lodovico Nardi Wolfgang Schöne