The average price for gasoline in Arizona is $3.48 a gallon, up 0.7 cents from the previous week, but nearly a nickel higher than last month.

The national price was down 3.4 cents to $3.59 a gallon.

Michelle Donati, with the travel group AAA Arizona, said recent concerns about distribution caused a price spike in some parts of the country, but not in Arizona. So, this week's drop in nationwide prices is more of a correction.

Petroleum market analysts are also watching the situation in Syria. Donati said that oil prices can go up simply on worries about Middle East tension. But the price of a barrel of crude remains unchanged from last week

Another variable is the recent onset of hurricane season. Storms can cause supply disruptions in the Gulf of Mexico, a key petroleum-producing area.

Barring any such events, Donati predicted gas prices should hold fairly steady through the summer. It's already cheaper than last June by about six cents.

A sampling of this week's gas prices around Arizona:

Arizona: $3.48 (up 0.7 cents)
Tucson: $3.25 (up 0.1 cents)
Phoenix: $3.49 (up 1.1 cents)
Flagstaff: $3.66 (down 1.7 cents)
Yuma: $3.59 (up 7.1 cents)