MotherToBaby is a service provided by the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists, a non-profit organization. The service informs women about products and medications they should take or avoid while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Founded in 1987, MotherToBaby emerged to get experts to talk about birth defect research to mothers and families. Currently, the service provides up-to-date information about the safety of medications and herbal supplements, consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, chemicals, illnesses, among others.

“We are organized to try to give information to these women about issues relating to their pregnancy,” said Kenneth Lyons Jones, president of OTIS.

Lyons said alcohol is the main threat to unborn babies. But, there is a variety of other big threats, such as prescription medication.

MotherToBaby is a free service, and is available by phone and Internet. People can visit [MotherToBaby.Org] ( or call 866-626-6847 for questions.

Ashley Grove is a journalism Student and an Arizona Public Media intern