Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Politics for Friday, June 28:

Immigration reform: Marquez-Peterson said she was concerned that the comprehensive immigration-reform package that passed the U.S. Senate this week would run into trouble in the House of Representatives. She added that the federal government needed to do more to ease traffic at the ports of entry. Rogers said that the new money for the so-called "border surge" to pay for a doubling of the Border Patrol and 700 miles of new fencing was wasteful. Humphries said the bill was fundamentally flawed and warned that Republican Sen. Jeff Flake was going to face backlash for his support of the legislation.

Marriage equality: Rogers said he thought the Supreme Court made the right call by declaring the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. Humphries said he believed the matter marriage should be left to the individual states to decide, but expressed concern about the concerns decision to allow the courts to overturn a voter-supported ban of gay marriage in California.

Election law changes: Rogers and Marquez-Peterson expressed concern about new election laws in Arizona that restrict the ability of political groups to gather early ballots and strike voters from the permanent early-voter list. Humphries said that the early-voting system needed some reforms, although these changes might not have been the best way of achieving that.

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