The Arizona Business Coalition on Health is a newly formed organization that wants to provide better health care, at a lower cost, to increase overall health in the state.

It was formed this year, and Larry Aldrich, the executive director of AZBCH, said the goal is to figure out how to deal with all three components of health and health care.

"The focus really is on health and wellness, healthcare delivery and the data quality to support the understandings of what we uncover," Aldrich said.

Organizations dealing with the cost of health care are often about the bottom line, making it cheaper for businesses, which provide health insurance for their employees. The Arizona Business Coalition on Health is working with large employers, Aldrich said.

"We are trying to figure out on behalf of employees, dependents, the community: how do we improve the health of people?," Aldrich said.

He said part of the solution will be from figuring out why people aren't as healthy as they should be. The organization is interested in "trying to remove the barriers that exist" in accessing health care, such as difficulty getting transportation to health and wellness programs.

The organization is funded with a $50,000 grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and United Health Foundation, Aldrich said.

Pima County, as an employer, is involved in the organization. The Pima County Health Department is working with the coalition to focus on one aspect of health that affects all demographics: physical activity, said Francisco Garcia, the Pima County Health director and chief medical officer.

"Physical activity ends up being a really important and determining predictor of whether people develop chronic disease or not," he said.

And he said it's something everyone should pay more attention to.

"Regardless of where we are in our personal health status it's something that all of us can actually improve on," Garcia said.