Tucson and the Rio Nuevo Board reached a settlement agreement on the cost for fixing the Tucson Convention Center in February. But, the sticker price on the project just went up.

The Tucson City Council unanimously agreed to increase the TCC renovation budget.

During its study session, the council voted to increase the TCC’s makeover budget by more than $1.8 million. The hike is based on a recommendation from the project’s management team. The price for the upgrades is projected to exceed $7.8 million.

Ron Lewis, of the project team, told the council the renovations are slated for completion in spring 2014.

“The complication is working with an active arena, and not being able to shut (it) down, Lewis said. "So, we are working around schedules."

Also, the council unanimously decided to seek private bids to operate the convention center.

Both decisions need to be finalized in a regular meeting.