Sporting Chance Center is a new indoor sports facility in Pima County. The center, which will be the largest of its kind in southern Arizona, will be open to the public for a sneak peek on July 18 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The 40,000 square-foot facility will be used, mostly, for organized team sports, said Don Tringali, executive director for Southern Arizona Community Sports, the organization in charge of operating the facility.

Tringali said the center will include up to five basketball courts and eight volleyball courts. Both will be available for teams to rent.

“We have a food service area, where we’re working to provide (healthy) beverages and food," Tringali said. "Part of our mission is, not only fitness and activities, but also better health through better (nutritional) habits."

The sporting center is the product of a joint effort among Tucson Medical Center, Pima County and Southern Arizona Community Sports.

Tringali, who also founded Sporting Chance Youth Basketball, said that, although the organization was growing, they faced obstacles in finding indoor gym space.

“That made me do research, and realized that the Tucson community was very underserved, in terms of indoor sports space for kids,” Tringali said. “So, that’s really what the genesis is.”

The center’s motive is to promote health and fitness to youths, and provide a safe place where they can play sports.

“There’s a lot of sports that kids, and adults for that matter, love to play that really cannot be played safely outside, particularly when you take into account Tucson’s climate,” Tringali said. “When it’s 105 or 110 degrees outside, you just can’t do it.”

The facility, located on 2100 W. Curtis Road, will mostly be used for organized team sports, but Tringali said that, starting the week of August 11, it will be made available to the public for open play hours.

Yoohyun Jung is a University of Arizona journalism student and intern at Arizona Public Media