Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Metro for Monday, July 15:

The introduction of the five-day, special report Getting By: Living Between the Poverty Lines, which explores issues pertaining to poverty in Pima County.

HOMELESS VETS: Veterans make up less than 8 percent of the population, but represent 16 percent of homeless adults. Gus Hasdorff, a Vietnam vet, shares his experiences while living on the streets, and his transition into an apartment. He also talks about those who lent him a hand, including a local nonprofit called 51 Homes.

MASTER'S TO HELP DEVELOP: The UA is training seven students -soon to be 22- to help mitigate poverty wherever found. The master's program in development practice, new to the university, is part of a network of 23 universities worldwide, preparing people to lead future development projects.

LOCAL HOMELESS SERVICES: Three local organizations, Southside Presbyterian Church, St. Francis Cooling Center, and the Primavera Foundation are helping the Tucson homeless. Each of them focus on different aspects: from providing them with hygiene and phone services to water and food.

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