The Arizona Board of Regents has asked dozens of fraternities and sororities with campus affiliations in the state what they are doing to prevent alcohol-related problems.

The board wrote to national headquarters of the fraternities and sororities expressing concern about student safety in the wake of at least one death and numerous reports of other incidents related to alcohol consumption at events sanctioned by fraternities and sororities.

The Arizona Republic reported Wednesday that nine fraternities and sororities at Arizona State University and three at the University of Arizona have had disciplinary measures imposed for violations of campus rules. That included three UA fraternities that were banned from campus last year.

"The board is increasingly concerned about reports of dangerous and criminal behavior associated with student activities, including reports of alcohol-related injuries, suicides, sexual assaults and fatalities," the regents' letter said. "We know that alcohol abuse contributes to high-risk behavior and an increased danger for our students."

The letter asks the national organizations to respond with information about how they are working to ensure student safety and academic success, including how alumni are involved to "manage risks associated with social events and other activities."