Story by Mary Olivas

The Ha:San Preparatory & Leadership School serves as an academically rigorous, bicultural high school for Native youth. This summer, a new video class has been added to its curriculum thanks to the support of the UA's Hanson Film Institute.

The course is one month long, and teaches students different film styles and roles of filmmaking.

“It really gives (students) that exposure as to what’s out there in the media world,” said Paloma Jacqueline, who teaches the class. Jacqueline is also a graduate of the UA's School of Theatre, Film and Television.

The students have shown excitement for what they will be learning in the class. Students Ashley Bailey and Elisa Molina said that they are now interested in going to film school in the future.

“It was really interesting getting the hands-on work,” Bailey said. “It was actually pretty fun.”

The two were partners for their short-film project: a horror,comedy film.

Jacqueline said she’s surprised at how quickly the students picked things up.

“When we got onto the computers to start editing, they picked up right away,” she said. “They learned really fast.”

Through this course, students will learn free form video, films, story-telling and documentaries.

“There’s so much we want to tackle,” Molina said.

Mary Olivas is a journalism student and an intern for Arizona Public Media