The Better Business Bureau warned consumers about monsoon-repair scams.

Nick LaFleur, a BBB spokesman, cautioned people to watch out for so-called “storm chasers.”

“Basically what we call 'storm chasers,' come into town...after a particularly violent monsoon," LaFleur said. "(They) go from door to door, promising to fix roofs, fix landscaping, things like that, for really low prices. And, what ends up happening is, people will give them money upfront and then they disappear."

People should not give money to these workers upfront, LaFleur said.

Instead, he said it's best to first ask for a business card, and research the contractor before allowing them to do repair work.

Licensed contractors can be confirmed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, a state agency.

Scammers often target senior citizens, and use high-pressure sales tactics in-person or over the phone, LaFleur said.

The BBB advised people to obtain multiple quotes before selecting a company to repair storm damage.