Arizona voters are embracing independence over party affiliation, with a nearly 1 percent increase in non-affiliated voters in the last three months, the secretary of state's office reported.

A Tuesday press release reported overall registration in the state rose by 2,302 voters to 3.227 million at the beginning of July.

The Republican Party lost 2,546 registered voters and the Democratic Party lost 6,545, while those registered as independent or no party rose by 9,903, the report said.

Registered Republicans make up 35.3 percent of the state's registered voters. Democrats are at 30.1 percent and independents at 33.6 percent. The American, Libertarian and Green parties combined make up just less than 1 percent of the state's electorate.

In odd-numbered years, voter registration often lags because there are no state or federal elections. This year, Phoenix and Tucson will hold elections for seats on their city councils.

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