The Native American Journalist Association launched a legal hotline to provide educational resources and information regarding legal and ethical issues surrounding native media.

Kevin R. Kemper, an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Arizona and association member, will be answering calls to the hotline.

Kemper said he wants to help fellow journalists with legal questions because of his own experiences reporting and teaching in Native American communities.

“For (more than a) decade, I’ve been researching these issues of free press in Indian County," he said. "Sometimes tribal governments censor newspapers or do things like fire the editor.”

Kemper said the goal of the hotline is to provide a platform to help reporters covering indigenous communities.

“Each tribe takes its own unique approach in how it protects free press or not," he said. "...people have questions, (and now) they can contact the hotline."

The association is also developing an online legal resource room that people can access for free. It is set to launch later this year.

To use the legal hotline people contact Kemper at 405-872-6107 or email him at