Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Politics for Friday, July 26:

DREAMERS: Earlier this week, Iowa Congressman Steve King made headlines when he said that for every young immigrant who is a valedictorian at their high school, there are 100 working as drug mules, carrying marijuana across the border. Here to discuss the comments, and the status of the DREAM Act and immigration reform: Lea Márquez Peterson, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce president, Frank Antenori, former state lawmaker, and Jeff Rogers, attorney and former Pima County Democratic Party chairman.

STATE HEALTHCARE: Rep. Ron Barber, recently, voted with Republicans to delay mandate for certain businesses to provide health insurance to their employers, as well as the individual mandate for people to purchase health insurance. Márquez Peterson, Antenori and Rogers debate whether this was a smart move, and further explain the issue.

JOHN MCCAIN: Márquez Peterson, Antenori and Rogers discuss Republican Arizona senator's political moves, including his recent comments about the Stand-Your-Ground Law and his desire for Arizona legislators to review it.

MEDICAID REFERENDUM HEARING: Antenori was among those who filed to block Gov. Jan Brewer's Medicaid expansion. They have to collect a total of 86,405 names before Sept. 12 for request to go onto ballot. He discusses how the process is going.

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