The Arizona Students' Association plans to file an appeal over the recent dismissal of its case against the Arizona Board of Regents.

The ASA claims the regents encroached on its First Amendment rights when the regents changed how the student group is funded.

The ASA said the issue is the regents’ motive for making the change, which came shortly after the student group concluded an unsuccessful lobbying effort for a tax increase to help fund higher education.

Judge John Sedgewick disagreed and dismissed the case.

The Board of Regents issued a statement that said it agrees with the dismissal, and the case probably does not matter any more since the state legislature enacted a law barring college tuition fees from funding outside groups.

However, the ASA isn’t done making its case yet.

“The assessment that Judge Sedgewick gave in his not the correct assessment,” said Alexander Marks, ASA’s in-house council. “I believe motive is important, especially considering the civil rights issues that were dealt with. We respect the court’s decision, but we intend to appeal the matter.”

The ASA is funded through an optional fee paid by college students in the state.

The fee used to be automatically added to tuition bills, but students now opt to pay the fee rather than choose not to pay it.

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