Federal land managers at the Arizona Bureau of Land Management are making changes to a popular hiking destination west of the Navajo Nation called 'The Wave.'

Changes to the hike came after three hikers died this summer.

Deaths are not uncommon attempting to reach the wave, located in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, near the Utah-Arizona border. Hikers oftentimes get lost on their way to the popular destination and don't make it out.

The BLM issues only 20 permits a day for that trail, keeping it lightly hiked. Fewer people means less signs, such as footprints, to keep track of where to go, and making it even easier for new hikers to get lost.

Changes to the hike include a new trailhead sign, a safety video in a nearby Kanab Visitor Center, more warning messages on the BLM website, and translating brochures into foreign languages.

There will be no alterations to the trail itself.