Baby rattlesnakes are typically born in July and August.

The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center of Tucson is warning people to watch out for these baby snakes.

Keith Boesen, the director of the poison center, said baby rattlesnakes can’t rattle until they shed their first skin, meaning people are unable to hear them if nearby.

“The reason we put out such a message is that when the babies are born, they are not born with the traditional rattles that we are known to be accustomed to with rattlesnakes," he said. "They are born with just…a little button at the end, like a pre-rattle. And, so when they shake their tail, which they try to do, they don’t make the same rattling noise that a grownup rattlesnake would [make].”

Boesen cautioned gardeners, hikers and people who are planning on being outdoors to look where they reach or step because baby rattlesnake can deliver as much poison as an adult.

The poison center warns baby rattlesnakes can be hard to spot because they are so small. Boesen urged anyone who feels a mysterious sting or bite while outdoors, to call the poison center at 1-800-222-1222.