Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Arts for Thursday, Aug. 15:

EMOTIONS IN 3D: Michael Cajero is a prolific artist whose preferred medium is papier-mache. He wraps skeletons of bendable aluminum wire with discarded wrapping paper, corrugated cardboard and other used paper products. Cajero's figures communicate angst, despair, survival, a heavy emotion and Cajero can sculpt it.

AZ OPERA'S NEW DIRECTOR: The Arizona Opera is now under new leadership. Ryan Taylor is the new general director, after spending one year as the director of artistic administration. Taylor discusses the opera's upcoming season, and the organization's future in Tucson.

THE POWER OF OBSERVATION: Jim Waid is an artist known for his large abstract landscapes, inspired by the natural environment. Waid works daily in his spacious studio, within view of his garden.

ROOTS OF FILM NOIR: The intense political turmoil across Europe in the early 1930s led many artists to become refugees. As a result, many German filmmakers made their way to America, and decided to try their luck in Hollywood. This creative exodus revolutionized the American film industry, and established a relationship of creative exchange between nations.

MUSIC PERFORMANCE: Beth Daunis, a Tucson-based violinist, discovered the instrument when she was 4 years old. Now, 27 years later, Daunis has established a reputation in the local music community for her versatility and range on the violin. Watch her perform a duo with Phil Lipman on guitar.

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