Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Science on Wednesday, Aug. 21:

AQUARIUM IN THE DESERT: The Arizona Desert Museum told the aquatic story of the Sonoran Desert in an exhibit called the Warden Aquarium,, which opened in January.

UA MARINE BIOLOGY: Arizona doesn't have ocean-front property, but there is a strong connection to the sea and its natural resources. Katrina Mangin, director of science education outreach at the UA's Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, said UA students can take various courses on a wide range of topics, including freshwater and marine algae, ecology, among other sea related topics.

GROUND/WATER LIT: A new book from the University of Arizona Press explores Tucson's Rillito, one of Arizona's many dry rivers. Ground/Water: The Art, Design and Science of A Dry River is described as "an ode to a dry river, the kind of river most familiar with those who dwell in Southern Arizona."

SAN PEDRO RIVER: The San Pedro River has its origins in Mexico, 10 miles south of the border. It is one of only a few rivers that flow from the north, right below the international boundary into the U.S. About 40 miles of the river, from the border toward the north, was designated as a national conservation area in 1988.

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