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OPENING MINDS THROUGH ART: Opening Minds Through the Arts is part of a national movement to integrate arts education into schools' curriculums. Recently, they taught opera to third, fourth and fifth-graders as part of a program dedicated to keeping arts education in TUSD schools regardless of cuts to the education budget.

ARTS EDUCATION CUTS: To make up for the $17 million budget deficit this year, TUSD downsized arts programs, or eliminated them altogether. Schools that still want to present an arts curriculum, must also find ways to fund it. Here's a look at how the community worked together to maintain music and art classes at a midtown TUSD school.

CAPITALIST MASTERPIECES: Peter Young is a painter inspired by the various social movements of the 1960s. It was during that time that he infiltrated the arts in New York. Young has traveled the world to places such as Costa Rica and Mexico, before settling in Bisbee, Ariz. His work titled Peter Young: Capitalist Masterpieces was recently showcased at the Tucson Museum of Contemporary Art.

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