The plan from Rosemont Copper and parent company Augusta Resources calls for the purchase of five parcels of land in the Pima and Santa Cruz counties.

The land purchase will total 4,500 acres, and includes 1,700 acre-feet of water rights.

The mitigation plan is an 'environmental lift' for the entire area, said Jaime Sturgess, senior vice president corporate development and government affairs at Rosemont Copper.

“With the 4,500 acres of direct impact of the mine we also believe we’ve been able to balance that successfully with 4,500 acres of conservation lands that at the very least have equal or better habitat values than the one we are using for the mine,“ Sturgess said.

Officials with Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, which opposes the digging of the Rosemont mine, do not trust the environmental mitigation plan.

The group’s president, Gayle Hartman called the plan a public relations move.

“In this case, I don’t think it is possible for them to mitigate the amount of damage they will cause," she said.

The Rosemont mine is proposed for an area east of Green Valley.

Map of Rosemont Copper conservation lands.: View at Google Docs | Download File