The Arizona Game and Fish Department announced they will be restructuring their licensing and tag program, effective Jan. 1, 2014.

The official announcement came after months of speculation and hearings about the changes.

Hunting and fishing licenses will soon cost more, but will automatically include many of the stamps that used to be bought separately.

In the past, 44 tags, stamps and licenses were available for purchase. That will be simplified down to six licenses and one stamp.

“We’ve had 24 different sportsmen’s organizations send us letters of support...over 83 public meetings...state-wide webcasts, and the support has been very well received,” said Ben Alteneder, community and congressional relations at the department. “A lot of the folks like the value that a lot of these new licenses are offering.”

Outdoorsmen will not be able to buy the new all-inclusive licenses until January, but they can buy the old style licenses for 2014, starting next month.