U.S. Rep. John McCain faced a hostile crowd at his town hall in Tucson Thursday after expressing his stand on Syria and marijuana legalization.

After the Arizona Republican's remarks on the situation in Syria, he also addressed questions about his position on immigration and the war on drugs.

McCain placed some of the blame for border violence directly on Americans' shoulders, saying that if the demand for illegal drugs did not exist, neither would the supply.

"(There is a supply of drugs) because we're creating a demand for drugs in this country," McCain said.

The crowd shouted that marijuana should be legalized.

"Well, maybe we should legalize it," McCain said. "We're certainly moving that way as far as marijuana is concerned."

His comments Thursday are a change from the senator's previous public stance on legalization.

Meanwhile, local marijuana advocates are working to gather enough signatures to put the issue on a state-wide ballot in 2014.