Marana’s mayor is speaking out about the recent changes to the town’s rules regarding medicinal marijuana growing.

Last week, the Marana Town Council made it illegal to grow marijuana within city limits unless it is intended for distribution within the city.

The change was prompted when a dispensary in Ajo, Ariz. filed a permit to build an indoor farm within Marana town limits.

Also, zoning adjustments arose from concerns about shipments of marijuana being robbed while in transport.

“If you have a site that just grows the crop, then they’re going to have to ship it,” said Marana Mayor Ed Honea. “If it’s a big enough place then you’ll be shipping’re establishing a routine. And people will be aware of when they do it. There was just a concern for what would happen with that.”

Honea also expressed his feelings on the town’s other two dispensaries.

“Marana’s a pretty conservative community anyway, and to be real honest...I don’t think we’d have the two establishments we have (if it weren't for) state law,” the mayor said. “If it had to get through our council I don’t think we’d have either of those as well.”