At Butterfly Wonderland, people have the opportunity to explore the beauty of two to three thousand butterflies during a visit. But the conservatory also houses two other great exhibits, where guests can watch ants and bees up close.

The live ant colony displays ants' natural habitat. This exhibit depicts how the insect operates in its natural environment: from harvesting seeds to moving their trash piles. Visitors get to see the different facets of ant behavior, and learn more about these miniature beings.

"They are the janitors of the desert and forrest (soils)," said Dayna Cooper, curator at Butterfly Exhibit. "They are with soil aeration."

The conservatory, which is located in Scottsdale, Ariz., also highlights bees, another hardworking creature of our ecosystem.

Honey Bee Extravaganza is a large bee hive protected by glass. The bees -two queens and tons of worker bees- can be seen going about their business.

"The workers tend to the queens constantly," Cooper said. "(Also, the bees) can leave the building and come back with their pollen pouches full, (and keep working on the hive)."

Cooper said there are two other similar honey bee exhibits in the country; one in Colorado and the other in California.

"Bees are extremely important in the environment for agriculture," Cooper said. "They are the best pollinators of many crops (this country) produces. (For instance), almonds in California are only pollinated by bees."