The gray wolf may be removed from the endangered species list, but the Mexican gray wolf will more than likely remain under federal protection.

As wolf populations rise, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is wondering if these populations are high enough to remove any federal protections.

A public comment period on the delisting of gray wolves was originally set to end Sept. 11. But an immense amount of public interest made the agency extend the debate by more than a month.

Keeping the Mexican gray wolf listed as an endangered subspecies in included in that plan.

“The issue is really not if wolves still need protection; we agree that they do,” said Chris Tollefson, chief of communications at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services. “The issue is whether or not they still require protection by the federal government under the endangered species act.”

The public comment period is set to end Oct. 28. There has been no mention of when the delisting decision will be made.