The state’s economy could benefit from an increase in trade between Sonora and Arizona, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said after his trip to Mexico during the summer.

The two states should work more closely to boost business cooperation for the region, Rothschild argued, and this is the reason he is strengthening relationships with Mexican business and government officials.

“I believe that the region of northern Mexico through Sonora, even to Obregon and Arizona is an economic region, and I think we have a unique opportunity here with the expansion of the port of Guaymas, which will essentially become the next large port south of Los Angeles,” he said. “Tucson can be a logistics hub for the entire region, and it’s important that we begin establishing those relationships.”

The Mexican government plans to double the size of the industrial port, but in order to facilitate the flow of products into the United States, Rothschild said, both sides of the port of entry need to improve infrastructure.

Arizona needs federal money to fund those improvements, and Rothschild is asking officials in Maricopa County to support his plan.

“We’ve been told by the federal government in order to have this happen for the state of Arizona, you have to come as a state,” he said.

Rothschild traveled to Mexico over the summer with business leaders and members of the Arizona-Mexico Commission.

Members of the Mexican Congress are expected to visit Arizona soon for more meetings, which Rothschild said is a good sign.