A book with a descriptive sex scene has been removed from a Sierra Vista high school.

Dreaming in Cuban, a novel by Cristina Garcia, was removed from 10-grade English classes at Buena High School this week.

School officials said the book is on a Common Core State Standards reading list, which is why the school purchased the novel last spring.

“The reason this all came to our attention is that a parent became upset when their child brought the book home...explained that they had been reading it out loud in class, and that there had been this section or paragraph…in the book that had sexual content," said Kriss Hagerl, the interim superintendent for the Sierra Vista Unified School District.

Hagerl said the English teacher, who is new to the high school, didn’t read the book before she assigned it, which doesn’t comply with district policy.

The policy is to inform parents if a book on their child’s reading list contains explicit, profane or violent content, and parents can opt their children out of reading assignments, Hagerl explained.

The district is reviewing whether to use the book in future classes, Hagerl said.