A change to federal law means the next step for the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine is being pushed back until November.

On Sept. 27, a new federal law will change the process that allows the public to comment on newly proposed mine sites.

It looks like the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine’s environment impact statement won’t be done by that date, so Coronado National Forest officials will have to use new law that allows comment process.

Reworking the material that’s already been assembled into the new framework set by the law means there will be a further delay in the release of the Coronado environmental impact statement.

There will also be a further delay to any following steps due to a new, lengthier public comment period.

“There will be a 45-day period for objections to come in,” said Jim Upchurch, forest supervisor at Coronado National Forest. “People who have provided past specific comments to the project can object to the draft record of decision that will be published. Then after that 45-day objection period there will be there will be another 45-day period for resolving those objections.”

Details on how to comment will accompany the impact statement in November.