Tucson Clean & Beautiful, a local environmental organization, announced it is accepting applicants for its Trees for Tucson program that provides home shade trees at a low cost.

The program is sponsored by Tucson Electric Power and Trico Electric Cooperatives. It aims to promote the benefits of planting tress, which include conserving energy uses during intense heat and reducing carbon dioxide.

Accepted applicants will be able purchase desert-adapted native trees, including “mesquite, palo verde, desert willow, netleaf backberry, and red push pistache,” according to a news release about the program. The cost will be $8 for TEP customers and $15 for Trico.

The city of Tucson collaborated with Tucson Clean & Beautiful in implementing the program.

“The most cost-effective way to deal with heat is planting trees; green infrastructure,” said Leslie Ethan, director of the city’s Office of Conservation and Sustainable Development.

The city is supporting this program as part of an initiative to adapt and mitigate climate change.

Yoohyun Jung is a University of Arizona journalism student and apprentice at Arizona Public Media