The Arizona Board of Regents announced last week that it is forming a student safety task force with the presidents of the three universities it governs: University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University.

The formation is an initiative by the regents to make the campuses and communities around them safer, and to educate the students to practice caution, said board chair Rick Myers.

He said alcohol-related incidents are a particular concern.

“This growing national problem that exists with alcohol abuse in young people is something that we want to talk about and figure out what we can do,” Myers said.

The task force will cooperate with “community and university leaders, law enforcement, students and student organizations to increase coordination and identify and promote best practices,” said Eileen Klein, ABOR president, in a statement.

Myers said the board would take input from other organizations to build new approaches that can prevent risky situations, rather than putting more new rules in place.

“What we’re trying to look at is what additional things we can do to be proactive, how we can educate young people to avoid risky behavior, what kinds of things we can do to encourage Greek organizations and other organizations to take this on as a more serious problems and try to avoid these things,” he said.

The board is scheduled to discuss the topic at the upcoming meeting on Sept. 6 at NAU, where representatives of the three universities will provide a summary of programs and campaigns that promote student safety on campus and in the community.

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Yoohyun Jung is a University of Arizona journalism student and apprentice at Arizona Public Media