A state commission has appealed a judge's ruling that allows a higher limits on campaign contributions to take effect.

The Arizona Capitol Times reported Thursday that the Court of Appeals scheduled Oct. 9 oral arguments on the appeal filed by the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission.

The commission oversees Arizona's public campaign financing system, and it contends that the new law allowing bigger contributions violates a constitutional protection for voter-approved laws.

Judge Mark Brain of Maricopa County Superior Court last week ruled otherwise and he denied the commission's request for a preliminary injunction to bar implementation of the higher limits.

The law took effect Sept. 13, allowing statewide and legislative candidates to accept $2,500 from individual donors and $5,000 from some political committees. It would allow candidates to collect the maximum contribution twice — during the primary and the general election.

Previously, individual contributions were capped at $1,010 for each statewide candidate and $488 for each legislative candidate in the primary and general elections combined.