With a deficit of $1 million, the Arizona Theater Company at the Temple of Music and Art is going into its 47th season with new strategies for raising and saving money.

For four years, the ATC has ended each year with a deficit. This year,they will be reviewing the influence the deficit has had while looking for new ways to fix it.

"A lot of it is the immediacy of the impact a deficit like that has on cash flow," said Jessica L. Andrews, interim managing director for the ATC. "That's one thing we're (very heavily) focusing on with our board."

The deficit reflects on a down-size in budget, as well as a smaller production size.

"Hopefully it won't have any effect," said David Ira Goldstein, ATC's artistic director. "We are doing a smaller season in terms of actors you're seeing on stage, but we're still doing the same range of plays."

Goldstein said that because productions are so expensive, they make each set travel friendly so that they can put on shows in other cities.

This season, productions will be coming into town from Seattle, and others traveling from Arizona to North Carolina and Minneapolis.

"By partnering with other likeminded theaters across the country, we've been able to save on a lot on expenses," Goldstein said.

ATC is the only resident professional theatre company in the U.S. to have full seasons in two cities, serving both Tucson and Phoenix.

Goldstein said that over the years, single ticket sales have gone up but subscribers have plateaued. He attributes to the younger generation's interest in seeing only one or two shows.

"We are looking to social media...to reach younger audiences," Andrews said.

The Arizona Theatre Company opened its season on Sept. 14 and will run until May 2014. For more information visit ATC's website.