Pima County health officials are warning the public to avoid contact with wild animals, now that fall weather could bring more people outdoors.

The county has recorded 30 cases of rabies in bats, skunks and one bobcat so far this year, said a press release from the county Health Department. For all of 2012, 28 rabies cases were reported in wild animals.

"The best protection against rabies is avoidance of risk," the press release said. "Be alert for changes in typical animal behavior. Use caution if you see nocturnal wild animals during the day or encounter animals that seem to have lost their fear of humans or appear to have paralysis of the limbs."

No human rabies cases have been reported in Arizona in more than 30 years, but officials said caution is always prescribed when encountering wild animals or stray pets.

To report unusual behavior in wildlife or stray pets, call 520 243-5900.