Daniel Aros, graduate student in the University of Arizona's Landscape Architecture program spent last fall in a crowded and distressed area of Muscat, Oman.

He traveled there as a part of the Tejido Group, which has been sending students overseas for more than 20 years. The nonprofit program is meant to help students develop professional skills.

The Tejido Group travels throughout Arizona, and internationally to places in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia to work on landscape architecture projects.

"It was a real life situation," Aros said. "It wasn't very conceptual and theoretical."

Dr. Mark Frederickson, professor at the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture said projects range from urban design and revitalization to small town planning and coastal planning.

The students work with the host country's personnel to create projects that have some relevance to the area and will benefit the local community.

"Socioculturally, we're trying to create areas that would create meaningful interactions," Frederickson said.

Once on site, members of the group analyze the area, take photos and talk with local residents to see what kind of project would be best.

"When you go into a project, you're typically given an ideal program but many times it goes even deeper than that," Aros said. "It became more of a social issue due to substandard living."