Dr. Ann Weaver Hart is going into her second year as president of the University of Arizona, and she has new projects and ideas for this year's academic and financial plans.

"The first year I was here, we embarked on an academic planning strategy that also included a financial plan and a campus and digital plan so that we can achieve those goals," Hart said. "All kinds of great things (are) coming out of that."

This includes the Never Settle strategic plan.

"Never Settle captures our historical commitment to being in the world, in real time, doing great things under great challenge," Hart said.

The beautification and preservation of Old Main is one of the results from this plan. Hart's Never Settle plan focuses on innovating, engaging and partnering.

She wants to concentrate on putting the UA's resources toward core activities and look for ways the university can bring in revenue, not just undertake budget cuts.

"It's not just more with less; it's different streams of revenue to help us accomplish our dreams and goals," Hart said.