Stephen Purkiss, science teacher at PPEP Tec High School, said it is important to integrate technology into the classrooms.

There are many schools that have the opportunity to add computers or tablets to entire classrooms, but then there are other schools that are less fortunate, and may have few computers if any.

"The main thing, a lot of the integration in (the) classroom has made it more engaging for the students," Purkiss said. "There is less textbook work, there is less package work, and more interactive hands-on activities that they can do."

Access to Internet resources and technology creates limitless options for the teacher in the classroom.

Purkiss said he often assigns projects, where the Internet and learning how to use a search engine are vital components of the project's outcome.

"When I give them (my students) projects, I will suggest them websites, (because) it is a guided process, and it is guided by me showing which types of sites are legitimate and which are not," Purkiss explained.

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