The Boys and Girls Club of Tucson is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Mark C. Irvin, interim volunteer CEO at Boys and Girls Club of Tucson, looks back at the organization's trajectory in Tucson, and the the impact they've had, and continue to have, in countless of children and teen's lives.

The organization's six Tucson clubhouses currently serve about 8,000 kids, providing them with various accommodations, including computer labs and learning libraries. However, Irvin explained that, considering how proactive the club is, they may even be helping about 14,000 kids.

Irvin said clubhouses now close for about an hour every day during the school year. They call this the "power hour," where kids can stay in and get help with their homework. Then, when the clubhouses reopen, the kids can partake in any of the other fun, healthy activities they offer.

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