Manuel Valenzuela, superintendent of Sahuarita Unified School District, sat down with Michael Chihak, host of Arizona Week, to discuss what the school district is doing to coach students on what to do after graduating high school, and successfully prepare them to go to college.

"It is imperative for us as public education institutions to really put a focus on raising the (education) bar for all promote a high level of college-going culture, and for students who are not going to college, at least right away, to provide them with a high level of skill training to be successful," Valenzuela said.

The district has worked to increase the number of advanced placement and honors program offerings for students. For instance, next year SUSD is expanding their offerings of foreign languages to include courses of Mandarin-Chinese.

"We are also expanding partnerships with entities like the University of Arizona to offer authentic high level programs," Valenzuela said. "This year we are starting a new engineering program, a college level engineering course for students who are ready for that kind of academic rigor, to give them that preparation that will make them more ready for the college environment."

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