Sept. 29 was National Plug In Day, a day for electric car owners to celebrate their unique vehicles.

Tucson Plugs In was organized by a local electric vehicle group and involved the unveiling of a new fast charge station, and a chance to see BMW's upcoming electric car, the i3.

The Tucson Electric Vehicle Association 2 held the event at the location of the city’s newest fast charge station at the new Bookman’s Sports Exchange.

“We think electric cars are quite the technology that’s coming on,” said Dave Gebert, member of TEVA2. “It started with a small number of people in the past of course, and clubs like ours, but it’s really building to so much more. Industries are getting into it and more models are coming out. It’s propelling more interest every year.”

The electric cars in attendance were a mix of cars manufactured to be electric vehicles, such as the one made by BMW, or gasoline cars modified to be electric, such as an attendee's 1972 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

“There’s absolutely no combustion parts in this engine,” said Clarence Vroman, owner of the vehicle. “I’ve done all of the work myself, 100 percent. I did struggle with the electrical part because I don’t have any experience. The mechanical part I can do, but the electronics, I had to learn.”

The event also caught the eye of electric car owners, who are not a part of TEVA2, such as Andy MacLeod, who brought his Tesla model S.

“I’m a big electric car enthusiast,” said MacLeod. “I heard about the National Plugin Day event and looked up when Tucson is having theirs, and I figured I’d bring my Tesla in, show it off, meet some other owners and help educate people about electric cars.”