Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Nature: Monday, Sept. 30:

RAIN COLLECTORS: The Tucson Rain Jar Project is a group of friends who wanted to build their own rainwater-harvesting cisterns. In an effort to collect the scarce amount of rain that does fall in Tucson, this cooperative is using a cost effective, do-it-yourself method that brings people together.

WATER RESOURCES: Millions of people have moved to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and surrounding states- and many more are expected to follow- adding to the demand for potable water. Water harvesting efforts by Tucson residents and other communities are doing a good job of conserving water, but the demand has outstripped the supply in our area.

ELECTRIC CARS EVENT: Sept. 29 was National Plug In Day, a day for electric car owners to celebrate their unique vehicles. Tucson Plugs In was organized by a local electric vehicle group and involved the unveiling of a new fast charge station, and a chance to see BMW's upcoming electric car, the i3.

SONORAN PRONGHORN: Arizona grasslands only comprise a relatively small part of the state, but they are rich in plant and animal life. The Sonoran pronghorn is one of those species. We spoke to Stephanie Doerries, a UA doctoral student, who is conducting long-term monitoring of the pronghorn's population trends in Arizona and Mexico.

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