A second Republican has entered the race for Arizona's 2nd Congressional District.

Ed Martin, a radio talk-show host who is a former congressional and legislative aide, said he will seek the nomination in the district where Democrat U.S. Rep. Ron Barber serves.

Martin immediately called on the other GOP candidate, Martha McSally, to step aside because of her 2001 lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Defense.

McSally, who lost last year to Barber, filed paperwork in July for the 2014 election, and on Tuesday she reaffirmed her decision to run again.

McSally, a retired Air Force pilot who was the first woman to fly in combat, sued the government for making women in the military wear abayas, traditional Muslim garb for women, while serving in Saudi Arabia. She won the lawsuit.

Martin said that case will make it hard for McSally to work with the Pentagon.

This week he called for a congressional amendment that would make all lawmakers ineligible for reelection if they couldn't write a federal budget each year by Sept. 1, which is 30 days before the fiscal year begins.

It's not to early to start a campaign for a primary in about a year, Martin said.

“I think the people of Southern Arizona did not have a serious debate on the issues in the last campaign," Martin said. "These issues we are living with, they are impacting our lives and I think it is never too early to start those debates."