A report by the Arizona Corporation Commission recommends the Arizona Public Service not to allow changes in what it pays residential solar power producers.

The APS provides electricity to most of the people in Arizona.

Currently, APS customers whose rooftop solar panels produce more power than is used, APS will pay the same rate it charges residential customers for power.

But it wants to change that by either dropping the rate down to what commercial solar producers get, or charging residential solar customers a fee between $50 and $100.

However, the commission stands in the way of this change, because it's the governing body that regulates what utilities can charge.

It's staff conducts research and gathers facts to present to the commissioners. The five commissioners then vote on any proposed rate change.

“Just because the staff recommends something doesn’t mean the commissioners will vote to deny APS or anyone else a rate increase,” said Carole Bartholomeaux, a commission spokesperson. “Do they often agree with the staff? Yes. Do they always agree? No.”