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PHILABAUM GLASS: Tom Philabaum started working with glass in 1971. Four years later, he opened his studio, Philabaum Glass Gallery. He works with glass the way some artists would work with clay, using heat instead of water to make the material flow. The furnaces in his studio are at a temperature of more than 2,000 degrees fahrenheit.

BORDER MUSICAL REMIX: The U.S.-Mexico border can be a contentious space shaped by the contrasting forces of two cultures rubbing shoulders. It's also a place that fuels the creative impulse of artists searching for an identity -as is the case with the music of Nortec Collective. The music of Nortec Collective was born out of the border dynamic of Tijuana. This group of musicians and artists is known for blending the traditional norteño style with electronic club beats.

UA HUMANITIES WEEK: The theme for this year's University of Arizona's Humanities Week is Revival of the Fittest, which aims to showcase events, people, themes and ideas that have endured the test of time. Events include poetry and prose readings, as well as student reenactments of historical events. Humanities week will run from Oct. 2-7.

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