The cooler weather in Southern Arizona is a great time to head outdoors for hiking, birding and even gardening.

Bridget Barber is the president of Tucson Organic Gardeners, an education nonprofit that's been around since 1971. She has gardening tips for those wanting to get their hands dirty during these cooler months.

"People here look forward to the cooler growing months like other people in the north look forward to the spring," Barber said. "The greens are the big, big things that are easy."

She said that the ideal way to plant is to place a starter plant as well as seeds. This way, once the plant runs through its life cycle, the seeds come up.

"We're providing people with the knowledge and the technique and the tips to grow their own food," Barber said. "There's nothing like having the shortest harvest to mouth time."

Tucson Organic Gardeners is hosting a fall fair Saturday, Oct. 12 at Saint Marks Presbyterian Church located at 3809 E. 3rd Street. For more information call 670-9158.