The Second Division of the Arizona Court of Appeals will hold a special session at the University of Arizona law school on October 9.

The annual event is set up so law school students can learn first-hand how an appeals hearing works. Regular court sessions are also open to the public.

The court will hear two cases in a two-hour span.

The first case, Pinal County Sheriff’s Office v. Pinal County Employee Merit Commission, looks at the wrongful termination of a detention office.

The second, State of Arizona v. David Yonkman, considers whether a person can wave the right to counsel after previously invoking it.

After the arguments, the judges will be available to answer general questions from audience members.

“It’s a very unique, sort-of structured argument where each of the attorneys has a specific amount of time to speak,” said Judge Peter Eckerstrom, who will be one of the judges hearing the arguments. “And where it’s a dialogue between the three judges on the appellate panel and the actual attorneys.”

The hearings are open to the public. Seats can be reserved on the James E. Rogers College of Law website.