The FC Tucson soccer team will move to new facilities — designed for soccer — next month.

The team has been playing at Kino Sports Complex on converted baseball fields, since that site is now without a permanent baseball tenant.

The team is the equivalent in soccer to a single-A or AA baseball club, said Greg Foster, an owner of FC Tucson. The club is largely comprised of college soccer players, who compete in the off season from April to July, Foster explained.

While it's not ideal to use a baseball field for a soccer game, Foster said it's not unusual.

"In a way it's sort of a common experience for soccer as it grows in the United States," he said. Many communities have a surplus of baseball facilities that are now being repurposed for soccer, he said.

But the new soccer stadium is going to be a better venue, Foster said. While it's designed to serve Major League Soccer spring training, FC Tucson games, and youth soccer, Foster said it will also work for other field games, such as lacrosse or field hockey.

The new stadium will be in the northern section of Kino Sports Park, north of Ajo Way, Foster said.

"We have an amazing soccer culture in Southern Arizona and Mexico," he said.

Foster added that he predicts this culture will contribute to the sport's success in its new facility.