Music is an integral part of film, but the contribution it can make often goes unrecognized. The Tucson Music and Film Festival highlights these aspects of our world.

"I started out as a filmmaker and I made a documentary about the music scene here called 'High and Dry,' and when we premiered the film, that's where the festival kind of grew around it," said Michael Toubassi, the festival's director.

The festival features films that explore different aspects of music and the music industry. Local filmmaker Evan Bluestein will premiere his film "La Banda Loca Y Sus Chupakuetes" which features a reggae band from Argentina that uses their music to speak out about issues that affect their community.

"Something that I see about the local scene here is that in very much the same way, people are using music to talk about what's going on in their communities, to talk about what's going on around them," Bluestein said.

The festival, which is on its ninth year, runs from October 10 to 13 at six different locations across Tucson, including Plush, The Loft Cinema and Tap and Bottle.

This year's festival coordinates live music with the themes and genres that are covered in featured films.

"The live music part of it over the years have changed," Toubassi said. "It's gone from going more national to more regional and local artists."